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New RSS feeds

CAN Outreach
Collections Australia Network have a blog called CAN Outreach
Interesting events, thoughts, and ideas relating to collections and the online environment, that should be of interest to the CAN Partner audience

Museum Blogs
Museum Blogs is a directory of museum and museum-related blogs and aggregator. Like its companion site Museum Podcasts, the purpose of this site is to raise awareness and increase the authority of sites focusing on museum issues.

Fresh+New is a blog primarily written by Seb Chan at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. The purpose of the site is to act as a repository and sounding board for discussions around digital media and its use in museums. It evolved from a team discussion tool into a sector resource.

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ya know?

it's true what they say

If you work in a Museum, you're less likely to see the travelling exhibitions than if you were a member of the public. Totally forgot today was the last day to see the Chinese Dinosaurs exhibition....well I could go in on Sat/Sun but I have to go see a church about a significance assessment report.
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An Introduction


I'm Karen and I'm currently studying at Deakin Uni, doing the Cultural Heritage Course. I also work at the Queensland Museum as Assistant Collections Manager so from that point of view I count myself lucky.

I've only just started the course, but am already liking it, except for the delay in course material arriving.

Please drop a line and tell all about YOU!